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Autumnal Orangeness

posted 18 Oct 2011, 02:51 by Clare Rob

this week each day, thursday to sunday

(20th - 23rd october)

we'll be baking , organically, as ever:

Olive Bread - good with soup, salad, or simply a glass of red wine....

Wholemeal Spelt

Granary Tin Loaf

Charlestown Cob

& an organic cake, too.........

 at the weekend there'll also be:

Seaweed Bread - now made with Cornish seaweed

Sourdough Bread (saturday only)

Orange Tea Buns.......Mmmmmm...

this week we have freshly-made hedgerow jelly and marrow & ginger jam....

& we always have loads of lovely chutneys in the roundhouse

I know it's early, but we're now taking Christmas orders

 for Organic Free-Range Turkeys & Geese  - from South Torfrey Farm, near Fowey

Turkeys - £11.00 per kilo (approx £40 for an 8lb bird)

Geese - £14.00 per kilo (approx £50 for an 8lb bird)

see you soon