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Orange Changes.....

posted 26 Jun 2012, 05:35 by Clare Rob   [ updated 26 Jun 2012, 05:35 ]
work on the bus continues apace.....& we hope to be ready next weekend (7th & 8th July),
when we'll be on the Harbour as usual, but mobile.....

 for our last day at the Roundhouse

 we are open

 Saturday only

(Sunday we'll be there, decanting stock etc, but will not do a bake)

 at the Roundhouse, Charlestown

10am to 5pm ish

we will be baking:

Charlestown Cob

Wholemeal Spelt

Granary Tin Loaf

Seaweed Bread

Mediterranean Bread

...& undoubtedly a Cake

hope to see you soon,

Clare & Rob