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this orange autumn......................

posted 1 Nov 2011, 05:55 by Clare Rob

this week each day, thursday to sunday

(3rd - 6th november)

we'll be baking , organically, as ever:

Multiseed Loaf

Wholemeal Spelt

Granary Tin Loaf

Charlestown Cob

& a yummy cake of some description.........

 at the weekend there'll also be:

Flatbreads - great with soup or salad, or both

Sourdough Bread (saturday only)

& Pumpkin Bread
And soup season begins with.... pumpkin warm the hands and feed the soul

We now have a local organic meat supplier, so you can order from us:

Chicken - whole & pieces - from £7.20 per kg

Lamb - leg, shoulder, chops, mince - from £8.70 per kg

Beef - all cuts & mince - from £6.50 per kg

And we're now taking orders for Organic Christmas Turkeys & Geese

Turkeys - £11.00 per kg, Geese £14.00 per kg